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Training Courses

Higher technician for management and control of energy system

Higher technician for management and control of energy system

The course "Higher technician for management and check of energy systems" will enable the young graduates to become "Specialized Technicians" in the area of energy saving and energy generated by renewable sources.

The training course consistes of 2000 hours, in 2 years.

Main topics of the training courses are:

  • Energy resources - assessment of costs and investments;
  • Energy systems;
  • Thermo-technical measurement;
  • Solar, thermal and photovoltaic systems;
  • Wind power, biomasses and geothermal Energy;
  • Energy saving industry , agriculture, public sector and cogeneration;
  • Efficiency and energy assessment of buildings illumination;
  • Automation and home automation for energy-saving;
  • Inverter technology for renewable energies and automation;
  • Energy and Environment Laws

Lessons take place in well equipped laboratoriesequipped laboratories and schedule internships (over three months in Italy and three abroad) with companies working in the sector of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies.

Most of the lessons are practical, in equipped laboratories:

  • electrical engineering and electrical systems;
  • thermo-technical measures;
  • solar thermal energy;
  • photovoltaic and wind energy;
  • home automation and automation for energy saving;
  • renewable energies training and evaluation and certification of buildings categories


The Higher technician for management and control of energy systems is able to perform the analysis and management of systems for production, transformation and distribution of energy. He can work in different types of energy systems, applying the appropriate procedures in case of process failures, programming and managing operations and maintenance of plants and assessing their reliability.


At the end of the course "Higher technician for management and control of energy systems" the students have a 5 level qualification according the European Qualification Framework.