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Training Courses

Sustainable Building Technician

Sustainable Building Technician

The course "Higher Technician for Energy Saving in Sustainable Building" will enable the young graduates to become "Specialized Technicians" in the field of construction and buildings.

The training course consistes of 2000 hours, in 2 years.

Main topics of the training courses are:

  • Recovery of existing structures
  • Energy analysis of the building envelope and the building
  • Methods and techniques for sustainable recovery
  • Methods and techniques for the construction of NZEB buildings
  • Assessment and certification of sustainability in construction
  • Techniques for enclosures and dry layered technologies
  • Prevention and safety in the workplace
  • European and national legislation for energy saving
  • CAD
  • Energy audits of buildings and systems
  • Systems of buildings
  • Solar energy: thermal and photovoltaics
  • Innovative energies: wind, geothermal, biomass
  • Construction management and works management
  • Automation and home automation for energy saving
  • BIM (Builiding Information Modeling)

Lessons take place in well equipped laboratories and schedule internships (over three months in Italy and three abroad) with companies working in the sector of construction and buildings.

Most of the lessons are practical, in equipped laboratories:

  • solar thermal energy;
  • photovoltaic and wind energy;
  • home automation and automation for energy saving;
  • renewable energies training and evaluation and certification of buildings categories



At the end of the course, the Higher Technician for Energy Saving in Sustainable Building is able to:

  • design buildings by applying the proper methodologies of sustainable construction
  • implement sustainable recovery measures for existing buildings
  • monitor the application of EU and national legislation and technical regulations
  • coordinate site activities in an integrated executive design
  • masterfully manage the technical skills related to: energy saving and energy certification, energy efficient enclosures, thermo-technical systems powered by alternative energies, acoustics, home automation, environmental impact assessment
  • manage the integration of the various technologies in the construction on site
  • acquire the technical skills of planning, programming and coordination of safety on building sites / buildings
  • acquire the technical skills for the energy certification of buildings



At the end of the course "Higher Technician for Energy Saving in Sustainable Building" the students have a 5 level qualification according the European Qualification Framework.